No Love for Lies

I think it's fairly safe enough to say that no one like a Liar. Even the very person who tends to lie left and right dislikes people who are lying with them. Question is, is it normal? I think so. People who lies on regular basis tend to think that people around him or her won't find out the truth. The brutal truth is, no one can hide a truth forever. It's just a matter of time until the truth comes out.

On a personal level, I have huge distaste towards people who lies for no good reason. So much so that I detached myself from many of my "good" friends, individuals and even loved ones. My reasoning is simple, most people who has the habit of lying tend to lie over and over again. Such individuals are not hard to find and I have seen many within the very short span of my lifetime. The truth is we all do lie and lied in the past. But the validity of lies depends on how important was it to lie? Was it a life threatening situation or simply lying for silly reasons? I think most people would agree that lying on a gravely serious situation is acceptable. But lying for silly issues? Sorry, I won't buy it.

I know individuals who lied with me in the past and when I caught them red handed, they had no option but to apologize for their mistakes. Naturally they also promised not to lie with me anymore but very soon they got caught lying once again. What possibly we can do in such situations? Well, I chose to explain them about my views on lying and try to make them understand that it's not the best choice. If this doesn't fix the issue, I do not stay in touch with them. This is as simple as it can get. Underlying philosophy behind all these could be fairly simple one.

Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile. - Paulo Coelho.

The obvious question one might ask to me, "Do you lie?". My answer is, I did in the past but I don't do it now. The reason is when I was very young, lying did not bother me but as I grew older I realized lying creates number of issues inside me which is very uncomfortable. I can't focus on stuff as my guilt of lying tend to poke me every now and then. I can't sleep well, a sense of restlessness grows gradually and it starts to become so serious that it affects my health.

Apart from that I realized one lie leads to another one and that process continues which is even harder to face or fix. The final conclusion I came to is not to lie at all. Now, that also created some issues. I mean lets face it, brutal truth hurts and it did hurt many of my friends and family member. However, the best part of being honest was that deep down the line most of my loved ones realized I was simply being honest and my sincere intention was not to hurt their feelings at all. Directly and indirectly I became more respected than before and I am quite happy with everything.

Lying is not only a bad habit but it is also profoundly wrong ethically and morally. From no religious point of view, you can justify lying. Yes, I know about the exceptions but I am talking about in general. In any case, if you have bad habit of lying perhaps you should consider giving it up and live a righteous life. There is nothing sweeter than truth if you are on the right side of the aisle.


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