Nobel Winning Novelist Günter Grass is No More

Can’t remember the exact date but it was around year 2000 when I first got to know about Günter Grass. In 1999 he won the Nobel Prize for of his famous and first Novel The Tin Drum (1959). No doubt that winning the Nobel Prize brought more name & fame for him and people from all around the World got to know about him and his works. That also could be the reason why I didn’t get to know about him earlier.

I still remember, popular Bengali Newspaper, Prothom-Alo published number of his articles and column. Back in 1986, Grass visited Bangladesh and later on he wrote few column on his travel experiences from that part of the World. I couldn’t read all of them but I did as much as I could have.

Portrait of Gunter GrassGünter Grass – 1999 Nobel Winning Novelist. © Hermann Bredehorst.

Over the years, I got busy with so many things that I couldn’t follow up with his recent works. My long desire to read “The Tin Drum”, remained an unfinished job and seems like I got little too late with that. In recent years, my interest to know more about History grew couple of fold, so much so that I chose to study History as my Minor at Undergrad level. I read number of books on WWII but Grass’s book “The Tin Drum” is something I couldn’t simply start, what a pity! However, I am expecting to finish reading his book by this year and hopefully I will be able to write a little review on that. Perhaps it would be the best way to show my respect to this great Novelist, Poet, Playwright, Graphic Artist & Sculptor.

From various sources, I read number of reviews and comments on this book. I tried to grasp some of idea about this book. As a History student, I always find such Primary Sources to be invaluable. Especially because of my interest to explore WWII and every little details of numerous events that took at that period of time.

Yesterday was bit hectic day for me. It was the first day at school after our long waited Spring Break. Not sure if I should call it a coincidence or not, I met with two very young German individual at the school yesterday. Right after my History capstone class, me, Michael & Jayson were waiting for the elevator. When we got in, I heard some familiar sound like “nein” & “bitte”. I could say it right there, they were German. Well, I didn’t forget to say “Hallo” to them. We couldn’t talk for long as we had to get off. I said good bye to them in German “Tschüss”. No wonder, they were pretty surprised. I didn’t get the chance to explain how I got to know some of the German Word.

Anyway, when I got home, I was really exhausted and tired. Right after my dinner, I simply went to bed to take some rest and that’s when I got to know that Günter Grass is no more. My heart goes to his family and his fans worldwide. Even though he’s not here with us anymore but his works and memories will be there. Much love & respect for Günter Grass. Rest in Peace.

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