On a Rainy Evening

Though I like to start my day with hot coffee that does not mean I am comfortable with a hot day. Over the last few days, it was hot as hell and I honestly started praying for rain. Whatever the reason is, finally the rain is here and I am feeling much better now. I am pretty sure there are lots of people out there who are also enjoying this rain. Luckily, there are fairly good number of large trees in my neighborhood. Even on a very hot and sunny day, these trees provides good shelter for pedestrians and smaller private houses. It acts like a giant natural umbrella. It doesn't surprise me to see pedestrians to stop by for minutes or simply walking a bit slowly as they pass by the trees. For so many reasons, the Monsoon rain over here in the North American region is way different from South Asian one. Especially if you talk about the amount of waterfall and duration. Monsoon rain in South Asia is way more heavier in waterfall and generally longer in duration. Here is a small clip of Monsoon rain shot from Northern part of Bangladesh. As the rain started pouring in, I got emergency flash flood alert on my cell phone which reminds me of flood that I have experienced in my native Bangladesh. During my childhood years, I have witnessed rain that lasted over few days. There were times when it would rain so much that it would cause the river to overflow the banks and eventually to flood the nearby villages. Though rain is not the sole reason behind flooding but it is one of the key reason. Fortunately flood doesn't take place every year but flood in Bangladesh is a regular occurrence. It is more likely to get worse in the future because of global warming, unplanned rapid urbanization, not dredging the river are some of the key reasons that I can think of right now. I clearly remember the flood of 1998 which was one of the most extreme one in the history of Bangladesh. If I am not getting it wrong then it lasted for few months which caused disruption in day to day life. Many office buildings, schools, mosques were flooded. Many people were stranded at their homes living in a very unhealthy and unhygienic environment for months. People died from diseases, shortage of drinkable water, no electricity things like these were every day thing. It was a total chaos. Compare to those situations, this rains over here in the NYC is almost nothing. In the last decade I did not experience any sort of rain in NYC area that could be compared with the Monsoon rain over there. Even if it rains that bad there are very little chance of severe flooding that compare to what I am personally familiar with. Of course for an average American that would be something very new and frightening. Sitting over here thousands of miles away from my birth place, today I spoke with my family members just like any other day. They are currently experiencing extreme heat and I suspect it might start raining anytime. As I am looking at the weather report of the nation's capital, Dhaka from my phone, I see that it might rain even today. That's both good and bad because we don't know how sever the rain might get. It's almost unpredictable over there. I am in touch with them on regular basis so whatever happens I get to know right away. I honestly don't expect any sort of flooding in the New York City but I am just happy to know that it's raining over here and it will rain in Dhaka as well. All I want is the nature to cool down everywhere so that people can get a relief from this scorching heat. Take care everyone. Update (07/23/2019): Looking at the news report this morning, I realized I underestimated the rain of last night. Seems like number of places are flooded in the city and in some places the subway station has been flooded. That's something definitely new for me. I hope everyone is ok out there.


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