Online Sources for Free eBooks

There are so many eBooks related websites are out there that it's almost impossible to mention all of them. However, on my personal quest I found only very few of them to be really great. Some of them has really good resources and I am pretty sure, if you like eBook you would definitely find them to be useful.

Internet Archive: Most probably one of most comprehensive resource for free eBook, Magazine, Newspaper, Articles etc. Besides thousands of eBooks you will have access to thousands of University library and their eBooks catalog. However, if you are looking a novel on a love story, this may not be the best place to look for.

Project Gutenberg: This is one of the best and most popular source of free eBook. If you are looking for Novel, Poem or even a Science fiction related eBook, you should check out this site. They have pretty well organized site that offers eBooks in many different file format and in languages. Feel free browse around this site, you will be amazed. A must check out site.

Person Holding eBook ReaderUsage of eBook Reader Continues to Rise.

GetFreeEbooks: A fairly good source for many types of eBooks. Even though they have different categories of eBook mentioned on their site but it doesn't work like the conventional way as one might expect. This site publishes the list of sources of eBook under various categories through their blog post. So basically, instead of going through a list of book names you would be going through blog posts that may contain your desired book.

Free-eBooks: A very clean and well organized site for those who are ok with simple registration process because in order to download the eBooks and Audio Books, you must be registered. You can skip the typing steps if you want to use your Facebook account for registration. Most books are available in PDF, ePub and Kindle file format.

OnlineProgrammingBooks: Exclusively focused on Computer Programming languages. If you are one of those geeks who loves to play around with codes, this is definitely a must visit site for you. Thousands of books in many different programming languages can be found here.

FoodBooks: In this cleanly designed site you would find both the free and paid eBooks. As far as my experience goes almost all the free books from this site comes in ePub format. So, you must have a ePub reader and any device that supports ePub file format to read them. Don't worry you would still find thousands of free eBooks.

This list can go on an on. However, I only shared the links of those sites that I thought to be legit and good one. I will keep updating this post with newer sources as the time progresses.


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