Online Tool to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Regardless of your purpose, there are times when you may want to download the audio track of your favorite YouTube video. Generally, you need to use software to do that. However there are quite a few website available out there that can do that same thing online and you can download your desired audio file right away. No software installation is necessary. Today, in this post I would focus on some of them. YouTube to MP3YouTube to MP3 Converting Websites are Becoming Popular. YouTubemp3: I think this site doesn't need any introduction, its pretty much self explanatory. You got it right. It does what it was suppose to be doing. Like its name, it only downloads mp3 files from any given YouTube video. Undoubtedly one of the easiest site if you simply want to download the mp3 file from YouTube video. However, remember that it only downloads mp3 files at 128 kbps rate (at least my experience says so). So, if you are looking for mp3 files with higher bit rates, you should try with MP3Fiber. MP3Fiber: This is probably one of the best YouTube to mp3 conversion site that you may have come across in recent days. As you can tell from its generic naming, it can download audio files from various popular media sites. YouTube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, you name it. The most interesting part is, you can download the MP3 files at different bit rates which need to selected before you start downloading. It also supports webm, 3gp, mp4 file format which is definitely a big plus. Video2MP3: Yet another easy to use tool. Simply copy and paste the full URL of your YouTube video and click on "convert" button. That's all you need to do to download the mp3 file. Life can't get any easier than this or does it? This site allows you to download YouTube videos easily and fast. Just past the YouTube link in the input field and hit convert. It also has an option to increase the audio volume which is a nice touch. Just hit the "More options" button to see this feature. Another no hassle, simple to use site that's worth checking out. Anything2mp3: Not that rich site, yet it can get your job done. It can download mp3 files from YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Once you click on the "convert" button, you may need to wait for sometime. Like most of the similar sites, it doesn't show any progress bar which may confuse users. Simply read the "how to" steps mentioned on the site. It's simple and easy to use site. There are so many websites available out there that it's nearly impossible to write about all of them. I mentioned few of the them above as I have personally used them and thought some of you may find it be useful. Which one did you like?


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