Online Tool to make GIF Animation

Whether you want to make a funny animated image or a Banner ad for your site, GIF is still the best way to go about it. GIFs are simple, lightweight and supports all the major web browser. Today in this post I will share some of the links of various websites that can help you to make animated GIF from simple images.

GIF Image Extension
GIF Image File Extension.

Please remember that these tools are pretty basic and can't perform complex animation. So, if you are looking for very serious or pro level animation tools, most probably these are not the best choices for you. However, you still might find some of these tool to be good enough to do our ordinary animation job. Sounds your piece of cake? here you go.

EZGif: This is probably one of the top site to play around with GIF images. Besides allowing you to upload multiple images in one shot, you can add various effects to the images. It allows you to add texts with border or shade effects on your image as well. You can also re-size image or crop them if necessary. You should also find some other handy cool tools to do lot more. Such as, generating animated GIF from videos to splitting existing GIF files. It has a built in GIF Optimization tool that can optimize existing GIF files. There is a PNG image optimization tool as a bonus gift. Overall, a must try GIF Animation tool for non-professionals.

GIF Maker: Fairly simple GIF animation making web app but it can perform some cool things. Besides allowing you to upload various image file format (GIF, JPG, PNG), you can define your canvas size and also decide the animation speed. Perhaps the most interesting part is, it allows you to add background music from YouTube videos. Even though I personally did not try out this feature but it seems like to be a good idea for animation with infinite loop. Interesting enough, this app allows you to export your animation into an MP4 video. One downside with this site is that, it doesn't allow you to add the effects rather it adds the cross fade effect by default.

MakeaGIF: A pretty good online tool to make simple GIF animation. However it gives various options to make GIF, from YouTube videos, regular videos or even from your Webcam videos. Yes, definitely you have the option to make GIF from images as well. You can upload few images and it would give you the default option to set the delay time. Another cool thing about this site is that it gives you the option to create a free account and upload your GIF files on their server. This could be a good choice if you want to store a big chunk of your animated GIF files in one location.

Note: Generally you would be uploading multiple images for the animation. So, just in case you think order of the images is an issue for you, feel free to drag and drop them. Most of these sites allows you to do that as well.


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