LG Optical Drive GH24NSC0

Over the last few years, I got very concerned over protecting my data. So, I took data archiving very seriously and as a part of that initiative, I thought of Ripping all of my Audio CDs and back them up on another type of Optical Media with larger capacity.

I had a slimline DVD write which sometimes could not read certain discs for some weird reasons. After reading few reviews, I made up my mind to purchase this LG SuperMulti DVD ReWriter (GH23NSC0) for less than $18 from Amazon. Perhaps the biggest reason why I purchased this specific model over other brands is the support for DVD M-Disc. Bare in mind though, burning DVD M-Disc wasn't my intention as DVDs doesn't provide the amount of space I need to backup my music.

Both the Blu-Ray disc and drives are very expensive and I don't think using a Blu-Ray drive to RIP audio CDs are the best idea, especially if your CD collection is big enough. So I purchased this device happily and it came on time.

LG SuperMulti DVD ReWriter GH24NSC0LG SuperMulti DVD ReWriter GH24NSC0. © LG Electronics.

It came on a retail package and there were no additional Burning Software, SATA cable or even screws. The only other thing apart from the drive was there was a product manual. Well, I had the screws and the software (Exact Audio Copy) I needed to rip my CD so I was good to go.

Almost good eight or nine months later when I am writing this review, I can happily say that this is a great drive for reading or ripping your CD collection, be it an Audio CD or DVD. This drive worked for multiple hours at a row ripping my CDs one after another without a single issue. It was able to read every single CDs that I gave it to. It's an ultimate workhorse.

Though I did not burn or read any DVD disc with it, it burned bunch of Mini CD-Rs on the fly. I purchased those Mini CD-Rs for burning MP3s to play them on my stereo. Every single of them worked and I had zero issue while burning them with Power ISO. Glimpse through the data provided below.

Drive TypeInternal
Model No.GH24NSC0
DVD Data Transfer Rate22.16MBPS (16x) Max.
CD-ROM Data Transfer Rate7.2 MBPS (48x) Max.
Buffer Size0.5MB Under-Run Prevention Function Embedded
Operating SystemsWindows (Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
Dimensions (WxHxD)5.7"x1.6"x6.5"

It is highly unlikely that I would ever burn any DVD or even DVD M-Disc with this drive because I already purchased another Blu-Ray M-Disc burner for my data archival project. Because of the limited capacity of CD or even DVD, it's just not a viable option for me. However, it's always good to have a drive that supports M-Discs, be it DVD or Blu-Ray drive. It's an additional good feature to have on your drive, nothing more.

If you are planning to RIP a large collection of Audio/DVD discs or simply want to have a drive to read DVD or CDs, this is a great drive to go for. At a price below twenty dollar, you won't be loosing anything with this drive. However, if you are planning to stick with single drive and you only need it for data archival, go with Blu-Ray burner.

I am giving this drive a four star only because it came with no software, no cable or screws. Otherwise, this drive would have gotten straight five star from me.

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