LG Optical Drive WH16NS40

Only few months after purchasing my DVD ReWriter for ripping my Audio CDs, I had to grab my Blu-Ray ReWriter to back them up on a larger disc. Ultimate purpose of this drive is not only to back up my music collection but also important data that pilled up over time on my backup drives. Perhaps one of the most important feature of this drive to me is it's support for M-Disc media. In other words, DVD or BD-R media with M-Disc support can be burned with this drive. Though typical BD-R media can be found in 25 GB and 50 GB disc, BD-R XL can support over 100 GB of disc space. This drive can burn them all and can burn without any issue. LG Super Multi Blu-Ray ReWriter WH16NS40LG SuperMulti Blu-Ray ReWriter GH24NSC0. © LG Electronics. BD-R media with M-Disc support are fairly available but I had trouble finding BD-R XL disc with M-Disc support. As far as I understand Verbatim brand is most probably my only option at this point. I already burned few Millenniata BD-R disc with this drive that supports M-Disc and I am quite happy with the outcome.
Drive TypeInternal
Model No.WH16NS40
BD-R Data Transfer Rate54 MBPS (12x) Max.
DVD Data Transfer Rate22.16 MBPS (16x) Max.
CD-ROM Data Transfer Rate7.2 MBPS (48x) Max.
Buffer Size4MB Under-Run Prevention Function Embedded
Operating SystemsWindows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
Dimensions (WxHxD)5.7x1.6x6.5 inch
I am going to be honest with you guys, I did not buy this drive to burn CD or DVD and most probably I would never do that unless I really have to. So, I really can't say anything on how exactly it performs on that sector. I have LG GH24NSC0 drive for burning CDs & DVDs and I reviewed that drive only few days back. Currently I am using this drive exclusively just to burn BD-R Media with M-Disc support. Burning a 25 GB disc takes time and verifying them after burning takes even longer. However, I am really really looking forward to burn BD-R XL media as soon as I can get them. I honestly think burning a 100+ GB disc is a real test for any drive. I will definitely update this post once I get get my hands on them. During my testing phase, I burned a BD-R media (almost 24 GB) and afterwards I actually copied the entire content from the disc to my hard drive back again. Yes, it takes time but it was flawless and every single file was readable. I tried this procedure couple of times just to make sure everything went smoothly and it did. Like my previous drive I am giving this drive a four star as well only because it came with no software, no cable or screws. I actually wasted one disc while trying with a freeware software that failed to burn the disc. A $70 optical drive should come with a burning software. Then again that's just me.

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