Playing Games on Computer

Growing up as a young kid in late 90's, I had the pleasure to play some of the popular Arcade games. Games like The King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Final Fight etc are some of my favorite ones. Sure, we didn't had modern games like graphics back at that time but we enjoyed so much playing them, so much so that even today I don't mind playing them on my computer using emulators.

I recently got my hands on once such emulator which allowed me to play "Street Fighter II" on my computer and I spent a big chunk of my weekend configuring the emulators and OBS Studio to capture some of my game play after so many years. Sure, I did struggle quite a bit to get used to with my controller but it was well worth the attempt and time. Recording those game play in much higher resolution was another hassle. A big thanks goes to OBS Studio which helped to capture those games in 4K. I used Shotcut to edit some of those videos and here is the outcome.

I was able to try out some of the fighters from this game and recording came out fairly nice which I am quite happy about. Since these games are not resource hungry like modern games are, even my simple nVidia Quadro P620 Professional graphic card could easily render them quite nicely while helping OBS Studio with NVENC codec to capture them.

I am planning to play a lot more in upcoming days and hopefully to record them to share with you all from my YouTube Channel, stay tuned.


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