Quick Update on Site Mirgration

It's been well over a month since I moved my blog from WordPress to my own custom CMS. I already wrote a post on this regard. This post is basically a follow up of that post.

One of the biggest reason behind my site migration was to include a small directory of Blog and Important sites for my site visitors. This is more like my personal bookmark of websites but in much larger scale. Over the past two decade I have visited so many blog sites that it's almost impossible now for me to save their links anywhere. That's exactly when I thought of building a small database to maintain their list. I did put some thoughts on this for quit sometime now. Finally I am happy to inform you that I already begun listing some of those sites using this new CMS of mine.

Since some of those site and their URL does not exist anymore, I can't simply dump their list on my database, in other words I have to manually add them up. I am not only going to share their URL but you will find some of their social media accounts address and possible contact information as well.

I will also include a page for users or visitors to suggest me blog sites that they think are interesting and I will love to check them out. If I find them interesting enough, I won't mind to add them on my directory as well. I have included some interesting features which I already tested on my local development environment and will few more in the future to make the directory as interesting as possible for everyone.

Some of the listed sites will be available to explore soon. I just need to build some additional pages. Till then take care & good night.


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