Rainy & Windy Day at Home

Even though officially the Winter season starts by the end of third week of December, you will more likely to feel the chill by mid Fall season over here in New York. At least that's been the case as far as I can remember. As we continue to get closer to the Winter season, occasional rain seems to be the normal occurrences. I am not particularly a huge fan of Winter season but I definitely enjoy the rain regardless of the time of the year despite all of its drawbacks. Today was one such day.

I woke up early in the morning and got ready get started with my day. Generally that means I have to take my shower, finish up my morning prayer, enjoy my breakfast and leave home for office. Today it was a bit different from my average morning routines for some reason though. Ever since I started working from home, naturally I am not going to my office which also means I am not taking the subway ride every morning. I definitely miss those days but at the same time I am not going through the daily hassle of waiting for the train to arrive at the platform, not pushing through other people inside crowded subway car. So, I am thankful for that regardless.

It was raining already when I woke up this morning and it was a bit chilly as well. So, I decided not to outside. Generally I would go outside to grab my morning coffee as I start working. However, I eventually went outside before it gets dark and this is what I have seen.

It does not look all that fascinating but I enjoyed every single moment out there. I hope you all had a blessed day as well.


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