Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak to Everyone. Today is the the first day of Ramadan in the North American region. It marks the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Among the Muslims, it is widely believed that on this month, the holy Islamic Scripture "The Quran" was revealed to the Prohpet Muhammad.

Ramadan Mubarak GreetingIslamic Greeting for Ramadan.

In Islam, Ramadan plays a significant role and it's one of the five main pillars of Islam which every single healthy adult must observe. However, certain group of individuals (Pregnant or Breastfeeding Woman, People with medical conditions, elderly etc.) are exempted from this requirements. Generally speaking, during this month Muslim Individuals are required to fast (abstaining from foods, drinks, sexual activity) from dawn to dusk. In Arabic it's called Swam.

There are no specific number of hours for fasting, rather it entirely depends on the Prayer time from dawn to sunset. So, generally speaking, the time frame or the number of hours may vary based on the region.

May Allah (Arabic name for God in Abrahamic Religion) fill your life with joy, peace, prosperity & happiness. Ramadan Mubarak.


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