Re-launching the Site

Finally today I moved my custom CMS to my primary domain name. I was a bit hesitant and was sort of worried about the whole process but I eventually moved the site. I know I have a lot of issues that needs to addressed on this site, then again I thought if I don't move right now I might get lazy may not feel the pressure to get it up and running and really finish the job.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this entire process was and still is data migration. I was able to transfer all the post to my new database. Bare in mind though, the database structure is entirely different from how a typical WP site's database looks like. Well, there are minor similarities are there but it was not convenient enough to dump the entire database. I had to manually add the posts and then go back to the database to manually change the published date and time.

It was not an easy job as it took countless hours to get it up and running. One thing that I am still working on is to transfer all the images and then upload them one by one. During this process I will also work on to convert all the images to "webp" format as well.

One of the most important reason why I moved from WordPress to my custom CMS was also to facilitate a system which will allow me to build a blog directory which will include some of the finest blog sites you can find in the internet. Yes, I could have done the same thing on WordPress simply by implementing a custom post type. However, I never took that idea seriously as I always thought that's not the correct approach quite frankly.

I already have few hundred blog sites listed on this database but expect it to grow much faster than that. Friend of mine is also helping me with this job and I must admit he is doing fantastic job. From the very beginning I knew we would need to have multiple role and their capabilities just like WP to better manage this CMS and thus it was implement from the very beginning.


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