Reading GatesNotes

Out of all the Blog sites that I tend to visit on regular basis, GatesNotes is one of them. For those who doesn't know, GatesNotes is the official blog site of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Despite the fact that Mr. Gates doesn't write on everyday, I try to visit his site quite often with an expectation that I might find something new today. Perhaps one of the reason why I expect to read his post is because I get to "know stuff" that most probably I didn't know of or may be I wasn't concerned of about. Even though we don't get to see him on any Microsoft related events anymore, it is quite understandable that he's busy with some other important issues. Mr. Gates writes extensively on number of topics and not so surprisingly most of them are somehow related with Science & Technology. Well, what else we should expect anyway? If you read his posts on regular basis, you will get to know one thing quite clearly is that Mr. Gates is pretty concern about some of the National and International issues that can and does affect millions of lives. Bill Gates NotesGatesNotes is the Blog site of Bill Gates. He travels all around the world and visits so many countries. From great Africa to Asia, he gets to know people and try to understand their social problems. Quite often you will see him addressing some of these important issues to the masses through his speech or on his blog site. I simply loved the fact that Mr. Gates is so much involved with all these socio-economic issues. His vision and mission to build a HIV/AIDS & poverty free world, bringing education and better healthcare system to the poorest of the poor, definitely inspired me a lot and taught more than he can ever imagine. On the Books section of his blog, Gates writes summaries and sometimes reviews on Books which I find really interesting and informative at the same time. So much so that I actually started buying or downloading some of the books that he read and write on. Thank you sir, I actually started reading two of them (Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson & Why Capitalism by Allan Meltzer). Keep blogging and all the best wishes for you.


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