Reasons why I am an Independent Voter

I was, I am and most probably I will remain an Independent voter for the rest of my life. The notion of "Party Affiliation" is something I never did and still don't believe in. I have fairly simple reason behind my ideological stand and that is "Country over Party". Both the Democrat and Republican party's recent leaders failed to live up to the moral, ethical and social values that their respective party originally stood for, at least that's my own understanding.

As a citizen of the United States, I do not think any political party should be expecting my vote for granted. It must be earned through fulfilling their promises and really working hard at the Congress to do something for the well-being of the nation and it's citizens, not to serve as the representative of corporations.

Independent VoterIndependent Voter.

Over the years, we all have witnessed how our politicians are turning their back on us. When the salaries of our fellow Congressman (Senators, Representatives) goes up, our fellow average citizens found a totally different reality hitting hard on their backs. Getting into war, ever increasing national debt, bailing-out failed corporations, that's pretty much all we have seen over the years. When one party comes up with a bill which they think "would be good" for their citizens, turns out another party is blocking the path for that bill to become a law for their political & ideological differences. Can any of our honorable politicians answer to that "why"?

How once a prosperous nation can sink into $19 trillion debt? I am not quite sure how exactly we the millennials or even our future generations would pay off that debt, but it remains a question that is yet to be answered by our honorable politicians. So far, I never seen any of our politician expressing their serious concern on that issue. Are they really thinking of about us or their own agenda to get elected by our votes, years after years?

Affordable healthcare system, education loans, income inequality, foreign policy are some of the issues that we the citizens need to be seriously discussing about. Unfortunately many of us don't pay serious attention to these issues. We tend to forget, Democracy is only as good as the nation's citizens are concern of about their political system.

A vibrant democracy requires it's citizens not only to vote but to be more engaged with the overall political process, questioning and expressing their concerns over issues that matters for city, state or the country itself. If that is to happen, one must give up their political affiliation and think from larger perspective as a citizen who cares more about his/her country over party. Otherwise, the fundamental concept of "Democracy" will remain as "Duocracy" which is somewhat better than "Autocracy". But how exactly such system can help us out as the citizen of this great nation? Is this the state of a healthy Democracy? I don't think so.


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