If you like Hollywood action movies with lots of shooting and some fist fight, Safe could be a good choice for you. Personally, I am a big of Jason Statham and I basically don't miss his movies. This evening I finished watching "Safe" and thought I am going to share it with you all.

Plot: The story of this movie evolves around a young child Mei (Catherine Chan) and Ex-cop Luke Wright (Jason Statham). Luke happens to be a cage fighter as well who unintentionally wins a fixed match where he was suppose to loose. Because of not following the instructions, Luke angers the son of a Russian mafia Vassily. Angry Vassily kills the wife of Luke out of rage. Loosing everything, Luke leaves home and becomes a homeless person.

On the other hand, Mei lives in China, who is not only a math genius but also can remember large numbers or codes. Because of such extra-ordinary human quality, Mei becomes a target of the local Chinese mafia who intends to use her as a human computer. Mei gets kidnapped and sent to the New York City to help the Chinese mafia. The same city where Luke lives.

Luke finds Mei being chased by the Russian mafia at the subway platform. Without even knowing Mei, he helps her and cuts the Russian's loose. Luke gets to know Mei and vows to protect her. Slowly but gradually he gets to know why both the Chinese and Russian mafia are after this young child.

Corrupt Police officers and ex-colleagues of Luke from NYPD who were taking protection money from both the Chinese and Russian mafia, gets a proposal from Luke. They all agrees to help Luke and storms into the Chinese casino to loot the money($30 million) from a safe. However, there is a second safe that has a disc inside which contains lots of evidence of illegal works of the City Mayor. Luke takes the chance and makes a deal with the assistant of the Mayor to rescue Mei. Luke sends the money to the Chinese mafia in exchange of Mei's freedom.

Verdict: I enjoyed the movie throughout. Even though the movie initially portrays a defeated ex-cop (Luke) who lost everything. All of a sudden he find's a new meaning to live and rescue an unknown young girl. Mei once asked Luke, "Why did you save me?". Luke replied, "I didn't save you, you saved me". This simple statement has a very deep meaning which tells us that Luke still possess humanistic and fatherhood instinct. Luke gives up $30 million in exchange of a little girl's freedom and kills many people in cold blood throughout the movie. On the other hand at some point of the movie, Mei kills a person to save Luke. Does this intrigue you? Perhaps that little girl also felt safer being with Luke rather than being kidnapped by the Chinese and Russian mafia over and over again.

As a key role player, Luke not only rescued a young little girl but also unmasked the corruption within the NYPD. Such heroic persona indeed goes pretty well with the typical Jason Statham as we all know it. However, what sounded pretty off is that coming from China Mei was speaking English with very American accent at that age! Apart from that, overall it was a great movie to watch unless you get bored with too much of gunfire.

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