In South Asian region, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a household name. It won't be wrong to say that he is one of the key Musician who brought the Qawwali Music in front of the International audience. Back in late 90's when this album was released, I was a very young kid. I barely had any idea what he was signing as I couldn't understand Urdu. Yet, I fell in love with this album simply because of his voice and rhythmic pattern of drum beats. Yes, that was the level of my understanding of music at the age.

Please understand that Bengali is my native language. So, I began listening Indian Classical musics (Bengali & Hindi) at a very young age and slowly I started understanding Hindi and somewhat Urdu. As my level of understanding grew over the years, I began to appreciate the work of a legendary musician like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

This album consist of total 8 track and every single of them are close to my heart. Piya Re Piya Re, Mere Hath Mein Tera Hath Hai, Ae Jaane Man Jaane Jigar, Mera Gham Auri Khushi are my personal favorite track.

I am pretty sure that almost all the Nusrat fan out there are already familiar with all these tracks and there may not be any surprise for them from this album. To me though, its always a joy listening to a Maestro like Nusrat Fateh Ali. I must thank Mr. Salim & Sulaiman Merchant duo for producing such an amazing album that will remain a treasure for all the Qawwali music lovers.

Just in case if you are reading about this album for the first time, I would highly recommend to listen to this track. Let me know how did you like this track or the album from the comment section below. Do you have this album on your collection?

I paid little over 3 dollar or 225 Indian Rupee for this Audio CD which was definitely way cheaper than some of the Amazon and eBay sellers. At this price range, to me this is definitely a five star album. However I took half of the point out only because of the low quality jewel case that this CD came with. Alas!

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