Saying Goodbye to 2017

Good Evening everyone. No matter wherever you are, I hope you all are doing great & getting ready to welcome a brand new year. On a personal level, 2017 was a fairly good year for me and I sincerely hope 2018 would be much more better. Number of major incident took place in 2017, some of them were good and some are not. Whatever the case was, I hope we all learned something new from this year.

Happy New Year 2018Happy New Year 2018.

Over here in New York, as we are preparing to say goodbye to 2017, we are also bracing for the coldest ever new years eve in the recorded history of New York. It's freezing cold over here for last of couple of days and things won't get better anytime soon. Sitting over here at my favorite cafe, I am getting cold feet despite the fact that I wore heavy socks and sneakers. There's no heating system in here or most probably they won’t run the heating system. Whatever the case is, I will be leaving soon and hopefully wrap up this post from home.

Almost half an hour later, I came back to my home. On my way I grabbed some food and a big size coffee. As I am sipping away my coffee and writing this post, I am also looking at the live streaming video from Times Square. Even though I don’t have any kind of interest to go to Time Square in this cold winter weather, I don’t mind looking at what people are doing over there. No wonder, a big chunk of the population over there are not New Yorker. People from all over the world visits Times Square to enjoy this eve and it's great. It's good for the New York City and for the country's economy as a whole.

Not so surprisingly, well over half of the world populations are done with their part of the New Year celebration. In fact at this very moment London is celebrating the New Year with gorgeous Firework. I am looking at the live streaming from London now and its amazing. Soon enough we all would be done with embracing the beginning of a New Year. I just hope may this New Year bring peace, prosperity and Happiness to all of our lives. Happy New Year 2018.


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