Saying "No" to Apple iPhone

I used to consider myself to be a loyal Apple fan but I think its about time to give up my loyalty and look somewhere else. Yes, I still own number of Apple products. However, for some obvious reason lately I am feeling that my loyalty is costing me far more than whatever it should be. I don't just simply close my eyes and can suggest any Apple product to my friends or family members anymore. Perhaps it's more true for iPhone than any other Apple product.

Equations are pretty simple and easy to understand. Apple iPhone is overpriced and at certain extend it's over rated. It doesn't worth the price that we as an Apple customer are paying. I will explain in a minute why it is over priced and why anyone should consider certain factors before making any purchase decision. Please remember that this is entirely my personal opinion and I have my own logic.

Since the very beginning of iPhone product line, I noticed that Apple offers fairly low level (in terms of capacity, features etc.) parts on its device than it's competitors. In other words certain parts of the iPhone is not at par of the market trend. For an example, when Apple released it's first generaion iPhone, it offered only a 2 megapixels rear facing camera back in 2007. Despite the fact that other cell phone manufacturers were offering far superior camera on their devices (i.e. 5MP on Nokia N82) at a lower price range. Due credit must be given and I must admit that Apple popularized touch phone concept and offered a true Smartphone with solid Operating System at that time. The question is, does it really justify their price tag? This situation has gotten worse over the years and Apple is seriously lagging behind. Allow me to explain.

Let's take a look at what is going on in the smartphone market. Back in 2014 (September), Apple released it's latest iPhone which is known as iPhone 6. The retail price of the base model (16 GB, iPhone 6) costs $649 without any contract. If you include tax, that number could be very close to $700 depending on tax rate. Nearly $700 for a smartphone that features a 4.7" screen with a custom 1.2 GHz processor. By mid 2014, Microsoft owned Nokia released Windows flagship phone, Nokia Lumia 930. The retail price of the phone by September'14 was around £449 (roughly $600) from the Microsoft Store. Lumia 930 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, clocked at 2.2GHz with 2GB of ram. It also comes with 5" AMOLED screen with a mind boggling screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 441ppi. Even the most Proud iPhone user can't deny the fact that the Lumia 930 beats iPhone 6 without any hiccups.

I can go on an on but if you compare this two phone based on their specification, you will see that the Windows powered Nokia Lumia 930 is far ahead of iPhone 6 almost in every single sector you can think of. On top of that, it was also bit cheaper than the iPhone back then or even today.

Now, nearly a year later when I recently ordered my Nokia, it was around $350+ where as the iPhone 6 maintained its $649 price until Apple released its latest iPhone 6s only couple of days back. From a user's point of view I couldn't find a single reason why I should be sticking with iPhone! It's just simply doesn't make any sense to me to pay extra bucks to Apple for a less powerful device. Sure, you can talk about the great iOS and yes I admit that iOS is still the best mobile OS for various reasons. But I also think Windows Mobile OS is pretty mature and has lots of popular apps that a true Smartphone user may expect.

Sure, you can spend your money anyway you want but if your brand loyalty doesn't give you the most bang of your bucks, I don't think you are being a smart consumer. End of the day it's your call but I said "Goodbye" to iPhone until Apple can really prove me that they are offering me the best device that I DESERVE. Sorry Apple & Hello Windows Phone.


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