Scattered Thoughts on a Rainy Day

It started raining since early morning and it’s still going, on and off. Not that I am a huge fan of rain but I tend to enjoy it every now and then. Specially when I was a very young kid, I loved rain because I thought if it rains cats and dogs, that could be the day when my parents would allow us (me and my brother) to stay at home rather than going to school. In my native Bangladesh, going to school (late 90’s) wasn’t anything like the way we all see it over here in America. Even though I used to live in the capital (Dhaka), I had to take a long walk (2/3 miles) to go to school every day. The public transportation system in Bangladesh back in those days was not good at all, let alone having school bus.

So, basically we used to consider heavy rainfall to be a blessing for us (kids) as we could easily find some excuses to stay at home. Who likes to go to school anyway? well, not me at least. Coming from a South Asian country, I am all too familiar with Monsoon Rain and boy oh boy sometimes it used to rain for few days at a row. Quite often we used to get bored staying at home for long but that was way better than going to school, so we didn’t complain much about it.

I think as I grew older, a sense of distaste grew around rain. Only few weeks back I got sick from rain. One Friday evening I was waiting at the Long Island bus stop and all of a sudden the rain got started. I didn’t had any umbrella with me and naturally I got all wet. Next thing you know, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, fever you name it. All hell broke loose. I was in halt mode for almost two weeks. Definitely, this is not the first time I got sick from rain and most probably it won’t be the last time either.

Despite all of my fear, I would still admit that I love the sound of rain. No, I am not talking about the kind of sound (rain) we all get to hear in big cities like New York on a rainy day. You need to go far away from all these concrete jungles, more close to nature. There should be lots of trees, green grass, birds and a house with tin roof(if possible). Seat near by the Window or at the porch or even veranda, grab a cup of hot tea or coffee and enjoy the rain and it’s sound. I am not sure about your guys but that’s the way I would love to enjoy the rain and it’s sound. Since that won’t happen anytime soon, I grabbed my coffee at the nearest cafe and listening the amazing sound of rain from RainyMood. Well, there is another website called Rainforme just in case if you want to bookmark the page. Enjoy the rain.

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