Scattered Thoughts on Memorial Day

​On and off it’s raining over here in New York City. It started last night and it’s still going on. The rainfall is not all that heavy but good enough to get all wet if you take one minute walk without an umbrella. You get the idea.

Within the past decade, I never witnessed (can’t remember) any “heavy rainfall” in NYC as I have seen in my native Dhaka during the Monsoon Season. It is understandable that for obvious geographical reason it doesn’t rain that hard over here. Perhaps that’s why sometime i miss that a lot. Well, not when I gotta go to the office in the morning though.

Siting at the cafe, looking through the big window I can see few people are heading towards the subway. It’s Memorial Day but sheer necessity of life doesn’t allow them to stay at home. They gotta go to work! I think I understand them. Perhaps it’s because only few years back I was one of them. Rain, storm, snow nothing would stop me from going to work. Well, I couldn’t. Getting fired from the only job I could find wasn’t an option at the table, at that moment. Things has changed (for good) quite a bit for me over the past few years as I graduated from College. I hope & pray that life gets easier for all of us regardless of our socio-economic status.

Memorial Day brings back lots of memories. Being a History minor student at the School, I had the opportunity to learn about the sacrifices our Men and Women in Uniform made in various wars. As far as the “casualties” is concern, Civil War, Two World War, Vietnam War, Korean War are some of the key point of time when we lost most of our heroes.

Saluting American FlagSaluting American Flag.

It goes without even saying that the WWII is the single most important War that our Men and Women fought along with allied forces. It has changed and shaped the post-war world in many ways. On a personal level, I think World War II had tremendous effect on the Indian sub-continent as well which eventually gave birth to two different nation, India and Pakistan. Thus my family’s identity was also re-defined like many others. Whether it was good or bad that’s entirely a different topic to talk about.

Today though, we all shall remember those unsung heroes who made their ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe, those whom we do not know yet they gave up their lives for our freedom. Let’s remember them with highest honor and respect. Happy Memorial Day Everyone. God Bless America.

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