Scattered Thoughts on Weekend

It's been quite some time since I last worked on some of my personal projects. I was busy working on a contract position as a Senior WordPress Developer at a reputed University. My work experience was so good that I could not imagine how eight month simply passed by in a blink of an eye. My supervising manager was so happy with my work that she proposed me an idea and asked me if I would be interested to work on a full-time basis. I could not simply refuse such an opportunity.

I also must acknowledge here that a reason behind accepting this opportunity was because she herself was an amazing supervisor and a wonderful human being, and a colleague to work with. As soon as the University rolled out the advertisement for this position, I applied immediately and a few weeks later I got an email requesting an interview with the hiring committee and the team I would be working with. Everything went quite smoothly and I was recently notified that I had been accepted for this position. I could not be any happier and really looking forward to working with an amazing team as soon as my current contract expires.

The benefit of working with large-scale organizations is, we get to learn a lot and really put our skills to the test to better understand our capabilities and find out our weaknesses. At the same time, we get to build a good network with people. It helps us in a big way.

One of many reasons why I started building this custom CMS for my Blog was to put my skills into a productive project that will not only help me to better understand my capabilities but also push the boundary of the knowledge that I use on day to day basis.

WordPress is evolving just like any other software and this is good for everyone or the community at large. Sure, I may not agree with some of the features that have recently been added to WP then again that's just me.


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