Seasonal Sickness & a Week at Home

I generally do not get sick so easily but if I do, that takes quite sometime for me to recover. That's pretty much one historically proven fact about me. I can't clearly remember when did I took days off from my office due to my illness. Not within last two or three years, that's for sure. However, last weekend I started to realize most probably this time I may not make it to the office next week. I got cold, running nose and worst of all, fever. I took over the counter medication but that didn't help much. Monday morning when I woke up, I had fever but that was negligible. Coughing was an issue as well but as I was heading for office, I grabbed a medium sized hot coffee which I think helped me to suppress my coughing issue for little while. By mid-day I started feeling that body ache thingy all over again. I couldn't hold it for long and I had to leave my office assuring that I will join by next Monday. As the day progressed, things got from bad to worse. I started taking medication and feeling little better. I can feel that this fever is basically popping up on and off. Not sure what to do but I am planning to visit my primary care physician if things doesn't get better by Thursday or Friday. Until then keep me on your prayer and stay safe. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.


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