Sick Weekends & Hectic Weekdays

So, for last couple of days I am feeling little sick. I got cold, coughing continuously and seems like body temperature is fluctuating. If I feel cold now, ten minutes later I would be sweating. Not sure but it just could be the fever. I personally don't prefer to go to the doctor right away unless I feel it's a serious issue. Taking some over the counter medicines and seems like things are getting better. Last week I worked one two different project and the outcome was two different website. As of today those sites are live and working properly. Soon those sites will be added on my portfolio section. I am still working on those sites and hopefully I would be done by next week. However, the weekend didn't go as smooth as I expected due to my illness. Now, last week I also had to go to the school for some serious issue which I wasn't really expecting. However, I hope that my respectable Professor would take a look at the issue and hopefully things will be alright soon. Personally I love writing and my passion for writing developed over the years. There are no specific reason why I write. I blog because I feel like blogging and I enjoy it. I think it's important to write and express your thoughts and ideas. Yes, it is true that people may or may not agree with you all the time but its always good to know others view on any given issue. Perhaps this is one of my personal ideology that I followed over the years and most probably I will follow on coming days as well. Currently I am working on some of the tutorial videos that needs to be edited before I upload them on YouTube. So stay tuned.


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