Skipping Music Tracks on iPod Nano

On a personal level I am a huge music junkie. Like every single individual, I have my own taste and I can't compromise on this. This is more like having your daily meals and I need my own fair dose of music to keep me rolling. Be it at home, blogging or at the gym, I need music. For those who are interested, I use free audio converter (fre:ac) to rip CD music and also to encode them in any desired format I like, well in most cases it's mp3. Oh please, don't let me get started with "formats", I know things or two and I have my own reasons for using mp3. Let's not even think of getting into codecs, lossy or lossless debate. Trust me, been there done that. Now, when I encoded few album last night and transferred them to my iPod, I realized the iPod couldn't play them at all, even though iTunes could play them on my computer just fine. I generally organize my audio files by "Genre" and then find album that I want to listen to. Let's say, I added four or five track from an album, none of them would play on my iPod. Once you choose a track to play, it will skip all the tracks from that album one by one and simply stop. It never happened to me, so I was kind of puzzled by the whole thing. After spending few minutes googling on this issue what I figured is that it's the encoder to blame (at certain extend). Well, you can blame the iPod as well, since the music would play on my computer but not on my iPod. However, the conclusion that I came to is, Lame MP3 Encoder v3.99 (fairly old) is the one that's causing the whole issue. So, I installed the newer version of fre:ac which comes with same MP3 encoder with v3.100 and encoded those tracks all over again. Everything worked out as it was expected. So, just in case if you are having the same issue. I would highly recommend you to check with your audio encoder (if it's Lame Encoder) and re-encode them with the latest version. Now, please remember that I would highly recommend you to encode the audio tracks from the original sources (i.e. CD) if possible. Encoding an already encoded mp3 file would also resolve the issue but that would lower the quality of your music (theoretically speaking). I generally encode tracks at 320kbps which is the best quality you can get at this point on mp3 format. Yes, it took me lots of time to re-do the whole thing but there's barely anything we can do, specially if you are facing issues like me. Now, I am listening to some cool music from my iPod and writing this post. Bliss.


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