Skipping News from Mainstream Media

It's been well over 10 years since I stopped watching TV. Watching TV while seating on a sofa seems to be a great way to waste our precious time, time that we could have used to do some creative stuff or at least learn something useful for ourselves. Since that didn't happen to me while watching TV, I decided to give it up and 10 years later I don't regret my decision at all.

Every morning when I wake up, the very first thing I do is to skim through the news headlines in online. The age of newspaper is almost gone and I personally don't think it's necessary at this point of time and age when almost everyone has a smart device. People have their own tastes and my taste is not to carry around any newspaper no matter how important the news is. My computer has the news application that brings all the latest news from around the world and shows me some of the highlights every time I turn on my computer. Guess what, I just deleted it.

Stacked NewspapersStacked Newspapers.

So far so good. What is happening over the last couple of months is that these news headlines started to irritate me. I was being bombarded with all the garbage news that I can ever think of. In most cases they are bad news, news that is somehow related with violence and its many different form. News that I don't feel like paying any serious attention to. What happened to Paris, Brussels and in Pakistan are simply tragic and sad. News like these leaves me thinking many issues that I can barely put them all together or come to any specific conclusion to. It's time consuming and utterly frustrating for me. I think I have lot more important things to do or work on other than reading all these news and thinking about them. It takes away the energy and inspiration that I need for myself and for my career.

Then again, I understand that we are social being and very naturally we all have to witness or at least live through these horrific events whether we like it or not. What a pity! Can't we just stop screwing up everything around us? Can't we just get along and get laid to have a normal life? I don't know may be I am just being too naive to accept the reality?

This morning was no different to me from any other morning. Yet another bad news popped up on my screen as soon as I turned on my computer which revolves around the hijacking of EgyptAir incident. Like many other Hijackings in the past, our usual suspect happens to be a Muslim (Seif El Din Mustafa). God damn! Slow the fuck down Mr. Camel Jockey. If you are too frustrated with your own life simply erase yourself from this planet. You don't need to hijack a plane to put others life in jeopardy. There are already too many psycho people breathing on this planet, we don't need another one. What a waste of Oxygen! You pinhead idiot, just gave another reason for the western world to hate Muslims. Almost all the mainstream media loves to portray "Muslims" as the black sheep of our society, you just fueled that propaganda. Your stupidity makes rest of the peace loving Muslim community look bad and I am tired of people like you.

Perhaps it is the "celebrity" related news that annoys me the most. It's not that I don't watch movies and stuff but I don't think I need to know which star is dating with whom, who got divorced and shits like that. Because stories like that has nothing to do with me and I really don't care.

I don't know about you guys, but news like these upsets me. All these stupid and useless news of death & destruction leaves me with unnecessary thoughts. Reading such news should be all the way bottom of my to do list and I am doing it now. I am skipping mainstream media to avoid any unnecessary headache.


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