Snowy Saturday Morning

So, it's Saturday and it's snowing pretty bad over here in New York City. Since last evening I didn't leave home but this morning I was getting pretty desperate to go out to grab my coffee. When I stepped out of my apartment, what I saw was bizarre. It's not that I haven't seen worse but this time around it's fairly grave.

Situation is so bad that NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo declared "State of Emergency" this morning. Later today Gov. Cuomo announced "Road Travel Ban" from 2:30pm for Downstate area which certainly includes New York City, Long Island and other areas.

New York City's partial subway system will be shut down after 4 pm. However, the underground system will operate as usual. Perhaps the most serious tweet came from NYPD.

This situation will continue until Sunday morning. So, basically we the New Yorkers are pretty much stuck at home. Well, may be you watch some movies to kill your time. I will working on my projects. Have a safe and warm weekends everyone. Stay at home and spend the time with your loved ones.

Update: Things has gotten worse by 8pm NYC time as it was expected. However, it seems like the show is not over yet.


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