Solidarity & Support for Nepal

What has happened in Nepal only couple of days earlier is simply beyond Heart-breaking. One major earthquake and simply thousands of lives are gone in an Instant. I am not going to dig through scientific issues here but as an ordinary Global citizen it breaks my heart to see all those pictures in online. I can't look at those faces. It affects me so much that I often can't function properly. It takes over my mind and I start making silly mistakes. I tend to get headache all the time because of scattered thoughts around those issue that keeps spinning in my head. It happened to me so many times in the past and this time there was no difference. Not being able to be there personally and help them any way possible is pretty painful. Some kind of helpless feelings takes over and I can't simply take it easily.

Earthquake Rescue Operation in NepalEarthquake Rescue Operation In Nepal. © Narendra Shrestha—EPA

The overwhelming destructive power of Mother Nature is something beyond Human's control-able range. However, what we can do though, is to extend our helping hands to those who needs our support at the worst point of their time. That's the least we can do for our fellow Human. One can only imagine and show their support for Nepal but it's nearly impossible to coup-up with all the pain and sufferings that the family members of those fallen ones are going through. Let's pray for Nepal and for those who left us too early.

Good thing is, many of us over here in the U.S. took and still taking initiatives to raise and send money to Nepal. A group of Nepali students from Baruch College already working to raise money from the student body. Last night, we had Bengali New Year celebration at school and we also invited our Nepali brothers and sisters to join and raise the issue during our cultural program to raise money. Perhaps this is the most appropriate time, if you ever wanted to help Nepal.

There are number of Charities and Organizations out there who are collecting donations for Nepal. So, no matter wherever you are, check out some of these links and help as much as you can. Every single dollar counts. ActionAid USA, American Red Cross, AmeriCares, DirectRelif, Global Impact, GlobalGiving Foundation, HOPE Worldwide, International Medical Corps., Islamic Relief USA, Lutheran World Relief, MAP International, Operation USA, United States Fund for UNICEF, World Food Program USA.

There are lot more links that I could have added on this post. For now, it's more important to actually help them than sharing all those link. Feel free to visit anyone of these sites and donate. They are legit and Better Business Bureau(BBB) approved.

I would pray for Nepal and please keep them on your prayer as well. Thank you.


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