Spirit of Sport & Few "Stupid" Fan

I want to start off congratulating the Indian National Cricket Team for winning the Asia Cup T20 International Cricket Tournament. It was a much deserved win for them and they remained the undefeated champion of this tournament. They were equally good on all the sectors, the best Batting line up, Bowling attack and good fielding you name it. So, the best team earned their own place and we all should accept that fact.

Asia Cup T20 Cricket 2016Asia Cup T20 International Cricket.

Up until this point everything seems to be in its place but a minor incident took place right after the Semi-Final which I think was very upsetting. As Bangladesh knocks out the Pakistani cricket team on Semi-Final, naturally the host nation had the reasons to celebrate. The celebration took place not only at the stadium but also on the social media sites which is very common now a days.

Talking about the incident, some of the Bangladeshi Cricket fan circulated a photo-shopped image where it shows Bangladeshi young crickter Taskin Ahmed holding the severed head of Indian Captain Mahendra Dhoni. Being a Bangladeshi Cricket fan myself, I find such photo to be too distasteful and offensive to be posted on my site. I neither do support nor do think such behavior to be appropriate.

On one of my previous post, I explained why Cricket is not just a Sport to South Asians and frankly speaking I get it, fan's expectations, enthusiasm and unconditional support etc. all these are very much understandable and quite positive for a nations growth in Sports. But the question that remains is, how far we or our sporting spirit should or should not go? Now matter how much support you have for your team, things should be done within the sporting spirit and there are ways to express your support. While social media could be a great way to express yourself, you should also bare the responsibility of your actions specially when your action could be a definitive factor to many.

Just in case, if you are one of those radical Bangladeshi Cricket supporter and reading this post, you should know that being a Muslim majority country (Bangladesh), such image could be even more harmful for the overall image of the nation. Specially at a time when Muslim Terrorists are beheading people and spreading the evidence of their brutality all over the internet. It creates more negative image about Bangladesh than doing anything else. Coming from a Bengali family myself, I know for fact that majority Bengali Muslims are peace-loving and against violence that harms none but innocents and quite honestly who should know it better than us? Aren't we the victim of similar atrocities that took place back in 1971? So, why should you be making such offensive image and spread it online?

Please do not get me wrong, I love cricket as much as you guys do if not more. I feel sad just as much as you guys do when Bangladesh fails. But I am not going to go such extend that someone can point their fingers at me without any legitimate reason. No matter how you see it, I condemn such behavior (making and distributing disturbing image) by any sports fan, be it for Cricket or any other sports. Now, before I conclude this post, we all should remember that this is an act of few individuals and it does not represent the entire Bangladeshi Cricketing Fan whatsoever. No, I am not apologizing for anything. I am condemning!


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