Students: Do You Really Need a Website?

If you want me to cut the crap and get straight to the point, the answer for the title of this post is "Yes, absolutely!". No matter whatever the subject you are studying, in 21st century I think every single student should have a website. Let the world know who you are, what exactly you are studying and if possible showcase some of your works. Don't worry about the quality of your work, just show it to the world that you did something. I can't stress enough, how important it is now a days to have a website, specially if you are a student of Science, Computer Science or related fields, it is a must. I will explain "why" in a bit.

During my last two semester at school, I met with number of students, most of whom were studying Computer Information System at Baruch College. Last night I got a call from one such brother. Even though I left school, number of them has my contact number and some of them tend to call me every now and then. As most of them are taking their major classes, some of them calls me to say "Hello" and some asking for my opinion and suggestions regarding their classes, homeworks stuff like that. I try to help them out as much as I can within my limited capacity.

Now, specific questions apart, one single suggestions that I gave to almost everyone is that get your own website. As you learn things from your classes, write down some of them on your site. Things that you find to be interesting, challenging or even hard to understand and show it to your friends, classmates or even to your professors. It's the kind of habit that takes lots of time to build. But trust me it's a good one and I am sure you won't regret it a bit down the line. Surely we can't remember everything we have ever learned, this is just another way of keeping some of the important notes which will work as a constant reminder as you will browser through your web pages time to time. At least that's how it worked for me and may work for you as well.

Screenshot of a Sample WebsiteSample Screenshot of a Personal Site. © Monica Ewing.

Let me give you one sincere example of it. On this site, you will find WordPress category where I wrote down lots of posts and I will continue my effort on that. It not only does help others to find relevant study or work materials but I also got benefited out of this. There were many occasions, when I was looking for a simple snippet for a website I was working on. I simply visited my site and grabbed the snippet rather than looking for it all over the internet. This is just one example.

Now, here is the most important reason. Right after my graduation, I applied for number of jobs and all most all the time when I showed up for the interview, I got asked about my website and the portfolio links that I shared. There are times when interviewer asked me specific questions like, what are the technologies you used on this site? what kind of CMS you are using and stuff like that. Interviewers are interested to know and they want to see the depth of your passion for the things that you do.

I understand that we all are not familiar with various technologies that works behind a website. Perhaps the most important and puzzling question for you could be, where to start or how can I get my own site? Frankly speaking, the answer of this question can really drag you long way. The shortest answer is, ask your friends, family members, colleagues or anyone who runs his/her own website. If that doesn't help, get in touch with me. I think together we can figure something out for sure.

If you have any specific question or query on this issue, drop me a line from the comment section below. I will try to get back to you within the shortest possible time frame. Thanks.


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