Thank You for all the Birthday Wishes

Today is Sunday and like always I am enjoying my weekends. As you all may have known by now that since last week I am taking medicine and I am still recovering. I hope if everything goes fine I would be meeting with my doctor this week once again for a check-up. So, today 21st June is my Birthday and interesting enough it's Father's Day as well. As far as I can remember, last year Father's Day was on June 15. Regardless, the day is here and we all should be celebrating this day. I hope you all had a great day with your Dad and family. I woke up this morning and called my parents to say "Hello". Of course I spoke with my Dad and didn't forget to say "Happy Father's Day" to him. No wonder he was more worried about my health than anything else. He didn't forget to advice me to take care of myself and to take medicine on time. I assured him that "I will". I suppose that's the way fathers are. Thank You GreetingThank You Everyone. As far as the Birthday is concern, I started getting Birthday wishes from yesterday. My Facebook profile has already been flooded with Birthday wishes. Replying all of them is definitely not so easy. I tried as much as I could have but not sure if I have missed anyone. So, I thought may be I should just write a post to say "Thank You" to every one for all the warm wishes. You all been fabulous and I am honored. Good friend of mine Lucy called me this afternoon asking me if we could meet to celebrate. Sadly I had to postpone everything due to my health issues. Even though I am feeling much better now but I think, I still need little more time as I do not want to take any chances. But surely sometime in next weekend we would arrange something. Until then you all take care and much love for everything. It means a lot to me and I thank you once again for being their for me.


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