The Barber

I am not a huge fan of thriller movies because quite often I don't get thrilled watching them. In most cases movies like these leaves me with unnecessary thoughts and kind of bad feelings. I try to avoid this type of movies as much as I can. However, somehow I managed to watch "The Barber" and I am here to write things or two about this film from a viewer's point of view. Plot: As you can guess from it's name, the story of this movies revolves around a Barber. Living in a quiet suburban area in the U.S. he runs a Barber shop. Known as Eugene (Scott Glenn) to everyone in his little town, this white-hair man is single and has no family members. From town's Sheriff to the manager of a local motel, everyone knows him a quite gentleman. One day, a wannabe young man John McCormack (Chris Coy) shows up at the local diner who tries to grab attention of Eugene. Knowing the past of Eugene aka Francis Visser who once was a suspected serial killer, John approaches him to become his mentor. Through twist and turn of the story, Eugene agrees to reveal his true identity and to teach him how things are done like a pro. John's detective girlfriend Kelli (Olivia Dudley) gets to know John's whereabouts and figures out his true intentions. In an attempt to uncover the myth about Francis Visser, she shows up at the little town of Eugene and things starts getting pretty complex at this point. Eugene smells problem around him and lays out his master plan to end the story. Couple of murder takes place and things starts unfolding revealing the true identity Eugene. Verdict: When a character of a Serial Killer gets portrayed in a film, the storyline is somewhat predictable. Starts with a mystery and then a hero figures it all out and catches the perpetrator. There was no exception to this film either. So, if you are familiar with such story, please don't expect much more than that from this film. I really enjoyed the Eugene character and the way Scott Glenn performed throughout the film. A brilliant actor indeed. The cold, calm and cleverness that he maintained, goes really well with character of a Serial Killer. A Mastermind that can think way ahead of our ordinary hero. Besides that, I really couldn't find anything especial with this movie. Disclosure: This Review is not Sponsored.


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