The Best Keyboard for Desktop Computer

Since I got my first computer back in 1996, I had the opportunity to use various types of keyboards. From different Brands to size, shapes and colors, I think I tried a healthy numbers of them. Lately I started to realize that I grew a very distinctive sense of taste in terms of how a keyboard should be. Gradually I am becoming uncomfortable with most of the Windows based keyboards and it started to annoy me.

I bought my current Desktop computer back in 2012 and up until now I am quite happy with this little workhorse. But the keyboards are becoming pain in my fingers. My profession and passion both requires me to use computers for almost 12-15 hours on daily basis and I badly need a good keyboard. Frankly speaking, I lost my faith on most of these Windows based keyboards since I used the Apple Wired Keyboard with my Windows Computer. No matter how odd it might sound, I fell in love with that keyboard. I used it for good 4/5 years and I think it's about the time(keys started to come off) to get a new one. The Magic Keyboard from Apple seems to be the best option for me now.

Apple Magic Keyboard MLA22LL
Apple's Magic Keyboard.

The reason why I started to like the Magic Keyboard over the wired one is because of it's size. If I am not getting it wrong, Apple's wired keyboard's number keys does not work on Windows computer. Well, at least it did not work for me. So, it's kind of pointless to have them at all.

While the wired keyboard cost me $50+ (it's the same even today!), the new one would cost me double of that amount! So, basically I can get two of those wired keyboard instead of the magic one! Now spending $100+ for a keyboard is something I wouldn't support normally and I am still in the process of making up my mind. Because I don't need any wireless keyboard and it's just doesn't make any sense to pay double the price for something I don't need badly. Before anything else, I think I need to go to the Apple store and experience the new one to come up with my decision.

No matter whatever my decision is, I still think Apple makes the best keyboard in the world, be it for laptop or desktop computer. Then again that's just me. I would love to know about your experiences with Apple keyboards. Feel free to write me few lines from the comment section below.


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