The Great Steve Jobs

It’s been quite sometime since Steve Jobs left us. By us, I am not talking about his colleagues, friends or family members. I am talking about the masses, mostly nameless and faceless people around the world who never had the chance to meet within him in person, ever. Yet, these are the people who will keep Steve alive in our memories for long time to come. People who would still be talking about him long after he’s gone. I am one of those unknown face who grew up seeing Steve on magazines and on computer screens. Years after years, we saw him on many events in different occasions. Reading articles, browsing through countless YouTube videos of him, Steve became more of a legend to all of us. How exactly that happened is entirely a different discussion but that really did happen.

Steve JobsSteve Jobs (1955-2011).

Since Steve passed away, I started paying more attention to Apple Events. Events that mostly focuses on product launches. After watching every event, the only question that always pops up in my mind is that what Steve would have done today? Pretty pointless question indeed but I would always have that question mark on my mind. The only logical reason why I ask this question to myself every-time is because, I just don’t get excited anymore as I used to when Steve was there. His presence on the stage alone was enough to grab all of my attention. Every single word that he uttered demanded a sense of curiosity that I never felt with any other speaker, ever.

Over there years, I have seen most of his presentation and noticed that every time he took the stage he came with some sort of surprise and he brought innovation. Innovations that were exciting, magical and radical of his time. Perhaps that’s exactly why the demanding curiosity was there. Something I am missing from Apple for a very long time.

Excuse me for my ignorance but if I were to point out single most important innovation that brought Steve at the peak of his success that must be the iPhone. Steve brought revolution to the smartphone industry and the legacy continues even today. Let there be no doubt that iMac, iPod and last but not least iPad are some of the products that made Apple for whatever it is. Who can deny the fact that it’s the Steve Jobs vision of bringing these products to life is the real story behind Apple’s success?

Then what happens? The smoke starts to clear. Once the great Steve is no longer there, the “innovation” stops. From traditional portable cassette player (Walkman) or CD Player to a tiny iPod, replacing traditional keyboard from phones all together with touch screen, making a simple communication device to a full fledged mini computer is something that I think is the real innovation. Innovation that makes life easier and increases productivity while continuing the improvements on top of it with uniqueness is what should have been defined as the innovation. Stretching a four inch screen to a half foot long one, making too many variations of a single product type is not what I call innovation. Then again, that’s just me.

I am not here to point my fingers at anyone or criticize anybody. All I am trying to say is after Steve Jobs, I felt Apple slowly started lacking innovation for the type of company Apple was. With so much resources Apple could have and can do much more than simply making variations after variations of a single product just to get extra few bucks while slowly moving away from it’s visions. Most of it’s competitors are actually bringing much more innovation than Apple while making them way cheaper. Apple has become more of a company that follows the trend not set them, unfortunately.

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