The International

Once in a while when I get too tired with my daily schedule, I try to make little time for myself to breath. What possibly can be any better than watching a movie at middle of the night? So, I basically went to YouTube to find some cool action movie and after searching for little over 10 minuets I found "The International". I didn't had much expectation from this movie, yet I thought of giving it a shot. Oh yes, I am a big fan of Clive Owen and this English man rocks.

"The International" is a thriller action movie and was released back in 2009. However, after watching the entire movie, I figured that I have seen it earlier. Now, before I start writing my review, lets take a look at the guys who worked in this great movie.

Plot: The movie starts with the mysterious death of an Interpol Agent who is also a colleague of Louis Salinger (Clive Owen). Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) and Salinger are investigating on a bank called International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC) which funds money laundering, arms trading, terrorism and the destabilisation of governments for their own interest. However, with the death of Salinger's colleague and their possible lead, thing starts to move into different direction.

Umberto Calvini who is a Prime ministerial candidate in Italy and also an Arms manufacturer who gets assassinated by IBBC during Salinger's investigation. Salinger and Whitman finds the footprint of the assassin which lead them to go to New York (IBBC Headquarter is also there). With the help of NYPD detectives Salinger finally finds the assassin of Calvini. The assassin also gets killed by IBBC people before he leaks the any intelligence. This is how The International moves on to the next stage. What happened next? I would recommend you to watch the movie to find the rest. Hey, it's free anyway. So, watch it.

Verdict: I read few reviews from different web sites and got really shocked by the overall ratings and reviews. I think director Tom Tykwer did great job in this movie even though the story wasn't anything spectacular. However, I must admit that the choreography of this movie was simply amazing. From Berlin to Milan and Istanbul to New York, the architecture at these locations are incredible.

As a New Yorker, I was quite interested to know how the Guggenheim would let them film such an action packed sequence where hundreds of rounds of ammunition being fired. Later on, I learned that they built an exact replica of the inside of the Guggenheim in Berlin which took around 6 weeks. Even after all these efforts this movie wasn't a box office success.

Actors in this movie did pretty good job, specially Owen was vibrant from the very beginning. Sorry to say but I didn't find any reason of having Watts role in this movie. Seriously, let's get it straight. There are no romantic scene in it and it's an action movie. I think, a very strong supporting role could have been there instead of Watts. I had to minus one point just because of this useless character. Sorry, no offense ladies.

Overall, this movie was little above from the average quality movies. The story line of this movie demands some concentration and attention from the viewer. So, take your time to dive into it. If you are an action thriller movie lover, I am sure your won't be disappointed. So, enjoy it.

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