The Worst Ever Week Saga

It's Saturday and I am back once again with my weekend post. Last week particularly didn't go well for me, infact it was one of the worst week that I ever had in my life for number or reasons. I will try to summarize the whole story as shortly as its possible. Subway attack in NYC: The week started with Monday's terrorist attack in our subway system over here in the New York City. As I was riding the "E" train to go to my office, I noticed that the overhead electronic strip map was showing "will not stop" (42nd Street) message which I initially didn't take seriously. Few seconds later I realize I had never seen such message. After-all, it's the Times Square station for God sake! However, as the train was passing by the platform without stopping at 42nd street, I could clearly see there were no one except few MTA employee. This seemed bit strange but I still didn't take it seriously as I thought, "well, there are lots of construction, repair going on all the time, its just could be one of those reason". I was utterly wrong. As I showed up at the office, Michael asked me if I knew what's going on at the 42nd street station? My jaw literally dropped. Little googling revealed the whole story. Here is this coward terrorist once again attempting to hurt innocent civilians. Sad part is, this idiot didn't die as the bomb went off. I am happy to know that no one was seriously injured except that idiot. However, the worst part was that he was of Bangladeshi origin. Gosh! For the second time in my life, I encountered terrorist of Bangladeshi origin in America. This news broke my heart, tortured me emotionally and angered me far more than I can express in words. Coming from a Bangladeshi background, I also share a sense of responsibility to uphold my language, culture and diversity that was the at the core of Bangladeshi identity. Today is 16th December and it also happens to be the Victory Day of Bangladesh. My father was a freedom fighter back in 1971 that ultimately gave birth to a nation called Bangladesh. As a son, I know for fact he didn't dream or hope of a nation where religious extremism will rise. I am very confident that no ordinary Bangladeshi wants that either. Yet every time the name of Bangladesh gets pronounced with negative connotation, it hurts. However, I must admit the truth. There is a sharp rise of religious violence in Bangladesh and I am deeply concerned over this issue. You don't need to go far back in history, just pay attention to some of the incidents that took place within Bangladesh since 2000. It is a 21st century phenomenon in steroid and we must fight this dragon before it consumes the whole nation. On a personal level, I am quite happy by some of the steps that the Bangladeshi Government has taken to eliminate religious extremism but we must not forget this is an ongoing battle. Now, as far as the terrorist of NYC is concern, I am confident that our justice system will follow its own guideline and justice will be served. I hope that pin headed guy gets the most severe punishment that he rightly deserve. Net Neutrality is Dead: At this point, I think it's fair to say that I was right on predicting on the future of Net Neutrality issue. Back in November, when I was writing on this issue, I had a gut feeling that Net Neutrality will die. Perhaps, it was too easy to predict. In America, nothing really stands a chance in front of corporate greed. Unfortunately, this is how our system works. In history, December 14, 2017 will remain as a sad day in history of the American citizens who loved internet freedom. Shame indeed.


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