Thoughts on Online Gaming

I stayed away from online gaming world for a very long time. Though there were no logically very strong reason behind my decision, I always felt it's a pure waste of time. Until I came to realize that there is a big community behind the entire online gaming industry. There are gamer who happens to be content creators as well. I can see that there are audience who enjoys such content. If you can turn your hobby to a content creation medium which has potential to grow, I don't see any problem with that. It appeals to me and I am big on that.

Few friends of mine are already into gaming and I tried to get some thoughts and ideas from them. Though many of them approached me to get into it in the past, I politely declined and explained my thoughts on that. I want to take this opportunity to reach out to them to say "thank you" simply because of sharing their thoughts. I am not the kind of person who would change their mind overnight on any specific subject matter, regardless how appealing any idea is. Then again, I don't like to reject any idea without giving it a second thought either.

Here I am now, talking about online gaming and how it can help to create content. I realized from the get go that getting into this field is not cheap either. It takes lots of time patience and requires certain amount of monetary investment.

My PC is a fairly powerful workstation which can handle some of the complex computing operations. However, for gaming and content creation I believe you need certain type of computer that has quite powerful GPU or Graphics Card. And boy they are expensive.

Despite my enthusiastic approach towards gaming world, I am not ready yet to throw thousands of dollars for the latest high end graphics card. I am still investigating and learning as I continue my journey and I will go from there. But I can already see that I have to dump some money on that at some point down the line but I will see what happens. Until then, keep playing and have a wonderful weekend.


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