Thoughts: Primary Day of New York

Within next few hours, all the poll sites in New York will be closed for public and thus it will mark the end of Primary Day voting process. Number of important things has happened since last night and continued throughout the day. Perhaps the most important news was the mass voter roll purging in Brooklyn. Last evening Gothamist reported that dozens of New York voters sued the state over alleged voter registration change without the voters consent. Among the voters there are individuals who were registered as democrat voter and voted as such in the past but somehow their affiliation has been changed to independent.

This issue became a hot topic on social media sites and information on this issue has been exchanged overnight and throughout the day today. It was indeed and embarrassment for City's Board of Election, so much so that Mayor Bill de Blasio demanded an explanation from the board on this issue. By the end of the primary day, we got to know that the number of such voter has been estimated to be around 120K. One New York voter has already launched a petition on demanding New York Board of Election to audit this purging issue. Well over 30K signature has already been collected in favor of this audit.

Now, that's just one side of the picture. On social media, number of voters complained other issues who faced difficulties during voting process. At some places poll site didn't open on time, machine wasn't working properly, no paper ballot etc. You got pretty much every single issue you need to talk about voting nightmare.

Who will win?

Now, last night I wrote a post where I stated that Donald Trump will come out victorious among the GOP candidates and verdict on this issue remains as it was. For the Democratic party though, I didn't write anything specific. However as far as my estimates goes, I think Hillary Clinton will be the winner in New York. Now there are number of factor behind my predictions. I am pretty sure that Hillary Clinton will get majority of the female votes in NYC and Up state. Bernie would manage to get fairly good number of support from young voters but that won't be good enough for a close fight.

Perhaps another important factor would be leaving nearly 3.2 million independent voters on the sideline who are too late to vote for Bernie Sander despite their support. Being an Independent voter myself I personally participated Bernie Sander's rally and quickly figured out that it wasn't only me. Number of them at the rally were independent voter and they seemed to favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary on many issues. However since New York is a closed primary state and independent voters took too long to make up their mind, we won't be able to vote for the candidate many of us may have liked. This is the unfortunate reality.


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