Top 5 Online Media Converter Tool

If you are tired of installing hundreds of encoding software on your computer to convert your favorite media files, yet couldn't get your things done. You would be happy to know that there are quite a few web sites out there dedicated to solve your media conversion related problem. Trust me, I came through the same way. So, today in this post I will share some of the links of web sites that I personally came across and found them to be very useful in terms of converting your media files. So, let's get started. Online Converter: Most probably one of the best and robust media converter available in online. It not only supports Audio, but also video, image, document and much more. One of the most interesting thing that you would find there is a small tool (top right side corner of your screen) to check if your current file format can be converted into your desired file format or not. File formats are identified by the name extension (i.e. .mp3). So, you really need to know the file extension. Apart from that this site is simply awesome. A must try site. Convert Files: Yet another powerful online media file format converter. It supports so many file format that is nearly impossible to write down all of them within one post. So, I would personally recommend you to visit the site and check it out by yourself. All I can tell you is, it support all most all the major media file format including mp3, mp4, avi, 3gp, flv, rm, wma, aac, amr and more. Most probably you would find your desired file format converter. Free File Converter: As you can guess from it's name. This site is also capable of converting major audio, video or image file format. Whether you want to convert multimedia content or documents, you can get your job done from here. CloudConverter: As you can guess, this is a Cloud Converter. This site is rather more useful for converting files from your cloud location like Google Drive, Dropbox or from an URL than uploading files from your computer. Fact of the matter is you can't upload files from your computer directly. However, if you are using either Google drive or Dropbox, you can easily convert them from there. All you have to do is to select the appropriate file location and follow the instructions step by step. This site claims to be able to convert 199 different file format which says it all. That's all for today. Hopefully you also found these sites to be useful as well.


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