Touching a Milestone

It's been couple of years since I first thought of building my own custom CMS to run this site. However, every-time I wanted to focus on this subject matter, there were issues one after the other. Lots of things has happened in my life over the past few years that changed my life or at least affected me personally in a pretty big away.

The decision to really commit myself on this personal project came at a time when WordPress was enjoying it's growing market share and it was transitioning from Classic Editor to Gutenberg. For me, the deal was sealed when WordPress released v5.0 with Gutenberg as it's default editor. Like many others, I was upset and frustrated. I am a Blogger and all I needed was a simple text editor to write, not any page builder. We already have number of popular page builder like plugin available for those who wanted. So, why shoving all these down my throat that I don't need?

With every new major release, WordPress was keep getting heavier in file size while straining my shared hosting server resources. Bottom line is, I felt I was left alone and betrayed. So, I made up my mind to part away from WordPress. Not, permanently but personally. In other words, I decided to pull the plug and not to run my personal site on WP, even though some of others sites that I own will continue to use WordPress.

Out of this chaos ClassicPress, a forked version of WordPress was born that continues to use classic editor instead of Gutenberg. I liked the idea but eventually decided not go in that route either.

I took building my own CMS as a challenge to test out my capabilities as far as web development is concerned. I must admit, I came across number of issues that I was suppose to be able to fix but I struggled quite a bit. Based on my previous experiences, I decided to follow MVC approach to get this project done.


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