Traffic Surge on the First Day of Bengali New Year

Lately I couldn't write much and got really busy with some other things. So, very naturally my site's traffic went kind of down and I know exactly why. But for no serious reason, this morning I was checking up Google Analytics and found something very interesting. Well, interesting to me at least. So, here is the thing. Generally speaking, April 14th marks the very first day of Bengali New Year which is widely known as Pohela Boishakh. It's kind of late but "Happy Bengali New Year" to you all or should I say "Shuvo Noboborsho". Yeah, that's the greeting. Last year, I wrote a post on this and guess what, this year traffic was keep coming on that very specific post and the graphic that I used on that post. Here is a little screenshot from my Google Analytics account. Generally my site traffic comes from all over the world. However, majority of the traffic comes from the US, Europe and few Asian countries. Now, let's talk about some of the interesting facts behind this surge. During this surge (April 11th - 15th), almost 70% of the total traffic came from India, US, UK & Bangladesh which is pretty understandable. My post on Bengali New Year uses certain keywords which is very common in some part of India and Bangladesh. Also, let's not forget that a sizable number of Bengali People lives in the US and some European countries as well. Perhaps the most interesting part was the age group of these visitors. Generally most of my site visitors belong to 25 - 34 year age group but during this surge it was dominated by the 18 - 24 years age group and by a big margin. Almost 90% of all the traffic came from this specific population. Interesting, isn't it? What intrigued me a lot is that, in most cases people tend to go to other relevant posts that I suggest or they simply browse around within the site for few more minutes. This is not what happened, during this surge. I could clearly see that a big number of the visitors also visited some other pages that I have linked to Wikipedia from that post. It seemed like, they really wanted to know more about the "Bengali New Year" which is a very good thing. One might ask, why the peak point was on April 13th but not on 14th? I think it was due to the time difference between the continents. In the US, we are like 10/11 hours behind the Indian continent and 5/6 hours behind Europe depending on country you pick. It makes perfect sense, isn't it? What I have learned from all these? Well, I will write at least one post on Bengali New Year eve from now on. Who doesn't like traffic on their site anyway?


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