Trying Out Bangladeshi Cuisine in New York City

New York City is the home of the largest South Asian Community in the United States. It is also home for many Bangladeshi American who migrated the U.S. since 19th century. Over the years a sizable number of Bangladeshi people scattered through different boroughs of New York City. Perhaps it is mostly in Queens borough where you will find Bangladeshi community, slowly but gradually moved and built their own little Bangladesh in Astoria, Jackson Heights, Jamaica and few other neighborhoods. When you are walking down the street on these area, you will see hundreds of restaurants, deli grocery, clothing, and jewelry store are offering colorful merchandise and their popular cuisine.

So, if you are visiting or living in NYC and want to try out some of the Bangaladeshi Cuisine, Jackson Heights in Queens is the place where you should go. If you are taking the train to get there, simply get off at 74th Street & Roosevelt Avenue. There are so many Bengali and Indian Restaurants, Shops are over there that you might easily get confused unless you are familiar with that area. Worry not, simply ask anyone for a good Bangladeshi Restaurant, they are friendly people. No matter which restaurant you pick, they are pretty crowded and trust me they are kinda little noisy.

Couple of weeks back when Michael, Jayson and I went to the Curry in a Hurry on 28th street and Lexington Ave in Manhattan, I proposed them to visit Jackson Heights and try out some of the Bengali Cuisine. So, finally we have our Spring break and decided to go out for Lunch. Unfortunately Jayson couldn't make it but Michael and Ambareen showed up right on time. We headed for Premium Sweets & Restaurant and managed to grab a table for us. Boy oh boy it was crowded, hey! I warned you already, didn't I? So, if you are not comfortable with such environment, trust me this is not the place for you.

I think we all were pretty hungry by that time so we decide to order Beef Tehari real quick. For Michael, it was the very first time trying out Bengali Cuisine but being a Bengali person myself and Ambareen, obviously it wasn't but I think we enjoyed it as usual. This is how the Bangladeshi Beef Tehari looks like.

Bangladeshi Beef TehariBangladeshi Beef Tehari (Aromatic Rice Cooked with Beef & Potato).

Just in case if you are interested and want to know how to cook Bangladeshi Beef Tehari, read this post. So, we gobbled up as fast as we can and leave that place. Once our tummy stopped rumbling, we took a little walk around the neighborhood and headed for another restaurant. Michael grabbed his Mango Lassi, me and Ambareen grabbed tea. It was about the time for Window Shopping. We walked around and took our time to introduce Michael with some of the items on sale at the store front. It was fun.

There was an Easter celebration program going on at the Diversity Plaza arranged by South Asian community, we sat there for a while and listen to Jesus's word. Unfortunately, we were running out of time and had to head for home. Just before we leave, we all agreed to try out our famous Paan. I knew that Michael not going to like it but it was fun. Michael and Ambareen tried with the Mitha Paan (sweet version) but I like the traditional one which is also known as Shada Paan.

Overall, it was a great day and a memorable one indeed!


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