Trying Out GoPro Hero 9 Black

Back in late 2000s, I used to wander around New York City with my DSLR. Taking pictures and exploring the city has always been one of favorite hobbies. Things has changed quite a bit over the years. I got busy with life, so much so that I couldn't even go out on weekends. I had my own personal projects to work on, doing groceries, cooking, cleaning. I think COVID situation has changed all of that. Now, I got plenty of time to waste. So, I decided to get an action camera and go out to take a walk and record pretty much anything and everything. Yes, YouTube was also there to upload and share my videos. I didn't hesitate to grab a GoPro after reading so many online reviews.

I recently got my camera. Well not only the camera, I had to get few more things. A MicroSD card, additional battery, battery charger, camera stick, backup hard drive, things of that nature. Seems like I am all set to move ahead. Here is the first video that I recorded with very little editing. Enjoy.


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