Trying Out Windows 10 Insider Preview

Well before the release of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS, I read number of articles and watched few videos on YouTube. Frankly speaking, I was not quite optimistic about it and I never even felt to try it out. Perhaps one big reason why I did not like it was because it was missing the famous "Start" button. I mean seriously, Windows OS without Start menu? I am not used to with that and I don't think any long time Windows user is for that matter. Well, if you are a Windows 8 user, may be you are by now!

I am still using Windows 7 on my computer and honestly I am pretty happy with this OS. Most of my third party software works pretty well and I never had a reason to try out something else. Lately though, popular tech based websites are throwing out zillions of articles on Windows 10 and naturally I read number of them. The hype around this upcoming Microsoft's OS finally convinced me actually to try it out and honestly I don't regret it.

Windows 10 Insider PreviewWindows 10 Insider Preview.

I downloaded the Insider Preview ISO and installed the OS. The installation process took little while but eventually I managed to log in to my desktop. At first glance, I loved the UI (User Interface). It is clean and simple. Yes, you should find your traditional "Start" button as expected but it is in the form of Windows logo instead of any text as we have seen on Windows XP. I am sorry Microsoft but the big ass start menu with bunch of pre-installed apps and widgets didn't quite impress me. Don't get me wrong through, I love metro design concept.

One big change for me on Windows 10 was the appearance of the search box which is right next to the "start" button, I think the idea was great. Powered by a Siri like artificial intelligence called "Cortana". Unfortunately, I didn't quite feel like to try it out. I think if you like Siri by any chance you actually might like Cortana as well.

In terms of UI, I think Windows team did a great job and deserves our applaud. Sharp and crystal clear icons on any theme looks simply stunning. Settings, Control Panel, My Computer windows are pretty much clutter free and soft in color which gives a vibe of uniform design concept.

Another big change that I noticed was the "Project Spartan" browser which would be replacing the Internet Explorer. I used it extensively to test it out and it turns out to be a solid performer. Now, what you need to understand is that I am a huge Google Chrome fan and I am using it from day one. Since then I never used any other browser. So basically for me to appreciate Spartan wasn't an easy thing to do. The best part was the addition of "Developer Tool". Definitely it's a huge plus for Web Developers like us. Performance wise I did not notice any major changes over Windows 7, even if there is any I think I have to dig deep before I can come to any conclusion on that regard. On my 256 GB Crucial Solid State Drive, Windows 10 could easily transfer large files as it did on Windows 7. So, I got no complain here.

The bottom line is, if you are not a Windows 8 or 8.1 user, you would definitely find lots of new goodies on Windows 10. However, for Windows 8 or 8.1 users, besides the start menu please don't expect much. My overall experience with this Insider Preview is pretty good. However, I still think I would wait couple of moths more after the initial release. If you are interested to know more about Windows 10 and what's new in this OS, feel free to visit the features page for lists of new features.


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