Unicode & WordPress Beginning of a New Era

For a very long period of time, the idea of computing was pretty much limited to it's native English language. However as the time passes by some great minds realized that it should not be limited to any specific language and this is pretty much how the idea of Unicode was introduced to us. It was definitely a big step forward for humanity in many ways.

With the introduction of Unicode we have witnessed a huge change in computing world. Perhaps it is more visible now a days on Web than any other media as far as the computer and it's application is concern. WordPress is one such platform where you can pretty much use any language you want. This is just another reason why people all around the world loves and uses WordPress as their CMS.

Back in April'15, WordPress has confirmed the possible upgrade of their database table collation to utf8mb4. This is definitely a big move by the developers who are working behind the WordPress. Not to mention it is a timely move which requires some of our attention. Well, at least for the developers who works closely with MySQL and related technologies. This newer collation will make the Unicode computing system even more web friendly. I will not get into any deeper discussion on this because it is bit complex issue to talk about within a very limited scope. Through this post, I just wanted to thank all the developers who contributed to the WordPress and for their decision on this issue.

Things were pretty different back in the old days when internationalization of Web wasn't that much big of an issue. However, ever since the utf-8 character encoding system saw the day light, things started to changed pretty dramtically. More and more websites are adopting the utf-8 encoding system for some obvious reasons. Now, let's take a look at the graph below.

Usage of Character Encoding 2015Source:W3Techs.com

The overwhelming growth in the usage of utf-8 encoding system tells us that people loves it and it is not going to go away anytime soon until something better shows up. Until then utf8mb4 is here to meet your need just in case if you are interested to develop a Unicode based system. Give it a shot with WordPress, if your ideas are fairly simple. Trust me, you won't be missing anything.


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