One of the great thing about Hollywood is that, they have some really talented Director, Producer, Writer, and Artists. Combine them all together and you will get some fantastic results. Unthinkable is also a product of such unique combination.

Even though Unthinkable was released back in 2010 but I recently had the opportunity to watch this movie. It is an American Thriller genre movie which will hold you to watch till the end of it. Before I write my review, let's take a look at the people who worked on this Great movie and some other additional info.

Plot: The movie starts with an American Muslim Steven Arthur Younger (also called Yusuf), an Islamic terrorist who is videotaping himself. On the video he shows that he planted three different nuclear Bomb in three major city within the United States and threaten to detonate them if his demands are not met by a deadline. The video goes to the news media and grabs the attention of the Local FBI officials. Yusuf gets arrested and taken for interrogation. This is where "H" comes in who is a former military interrogator. Agent Helen Brody gets the job to interrogate Yusuf along with "H" but she often denies the brutal method of interrogation of "H". Initially both "H" and Agent Brody fails to get the exact location of those bombs and the movie continues with more suspense as the time goes on. Tension goes high as the detonation time of the bombs gets nearer. Desperate to save millions of lives, H takes some serious decision to get his job done. Watch the movie to find what happens next.

Verdict: I think "Unthinkable" is a great movie which will leave it's audience with some questions on their mind. The cast for this movie is simply superb. A very well written story which will definitely scratch on your mind at least for some time. The character of "H" is a very powerful one in this movie but also questionable. However, Jackson fits for his job and he really did amazing. Another character "Yusuf", which I think is the second best and serious role of the movie for many reason. Michael Sheen was pretty vivid till the very end and his quality as a actor gets proven once again on this movie. Agent Brody (Carrie Anne Moss) was another great supporting role which has fulfilled the movie at the end. Her character was mixed, she is a Patriotic American woman who loves her country and it's people, an ambitious woman who preferred her career over her personal life.

Some of the dialogues in this movie were really powerful, especially one of the Yusuf's dialogue that I think was noticeable, "I love my country, you people carp on it. I love my religion and you people spit on it... I chose to be my Oppressor.. face to face."

However, I found this movie to be little violent at certain points and there are some flaws as well. For an example, even though Yusuf's fingers were chopped off at the beginning of the movie but you will find them intact at the end when he holds a gun which was taken from a senior official. I found this to be really funny and thought, oops! may be the director forgot what happened before. This is just one of the many reasons why I couldn't give this movie 9 out of 10.

Overall, this movie was very well written, directed and neatly done by it's artists. If you are a suspense, thriller movie lover, you must watch this movie. I bet you won't regret.

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