Updating the CMS core

It's been quite sometime since I got to know that PHP 8.2 is coming and it's finally available to download. Like many PHP Developers we already know that it is a major update and I am doing my part to update some of the core functionalities of my CMS that powers this site. It is crucially important to keep your application up to date with the core language that is being used to run it smoothly. So, please do not take it lightly if you are a site owner.

As of today, this specific version of PHP is also being offered by my hosting service provider and I am planning to update it by the end of February which will keep my CMS supported at least up until 2025. Luckily, I already tested my CMS on a separate DEV platform and it worked as I was expecting without any major issue. That is not to say that I did not have any issue. I noticed few minor warnings which I am currently dealing with.

PHP 8.0 was released back late 2020 with lots of bug fixes and since then number of issues has been identified. Over the years, some minor updates were released but 8.2 would definitely be a big step forward. If you are paying serious attention to the changelog, that issue should be quite clear to you as well. So, I am not taking any chances.

Today I worked to fix some of the issues on my back-end and I am quite satisfied with the outcome. However, that definitely does not mean I am all done. I am yet to take care some of the front-end issues soon enough. During the weekdays, I would mostly be busy working from home and we are currently dealing with a large scare WordPress site which requires lots of attention.

I prefer not to mix things up and continuously change my gear and workflow. I am expecting to work on this site over the weekend and hopefully to get it patched up as soon as possible. Until then, have a nice weekend.


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