Upgrading the Graphics Card

I honestly do not consider myself to be a Gamer nor do I have any sort of affinity towards high-end graphics card. Then again, that doesn't mean I don't care about Graphics card either. In fact, I do take it seriously like many other average users who spent a big chunk of their time in-front of a monitor. I do use and need a little above average graphics card for the things that I do professionally and hobby wise.

Back in 2018 when I built my PC, I got MSI GeForce GT 1030 which has 2GB of memory. Two years later, I got Nvidia Quadro P620 for more serious video editing purpose as I started making few YouTube video tutorials and lots of walking videos using my GoPro. Those cards were fantastic and served it's purpose quite well. Now in 2023, those cards are not good enough as I started doing screen capture and some game play recordings in 4K resolution for YouTube.

As a part of my computer upgrading process, I got a 4K monitor in 2022 and expecting to have the second 4K monitor whenever it sounds right to me. I am currently working from home as a full time Senior Web Developer and also exploring mobile app development field. I can definitely see myself acquiring the second monitor.

The type of game that I am currently playing are not graphically demanding and my Quadro P620 can easily handle them. However, I experienced the lag issue while doing screen capturing and gaming in 4K resolution at the same time. Indeed it is quite a demanding task for a 2GB based GPU. My processor can handle it just fine but the GPU struggles quite a bit after recording the video for over 10-15 minutes. Let's not forget OBS Studio also uses the NVENC Encoder.

The problem is, my requirements are quite complicated. First of all, I need a graphic card that must be low profile as I use Micro ATX case. Secondly it must be a single slot based as I don't have any more space. Last but not least, it must have at least 8GB of memory to get the job done. I don't like the idea of providing additional GPU power either. Initially NVIDIA RTX A2000 was at the top of my list but simply because it is a two slot based I couldn't get it.

I ended up getting the Nvidia T1000 8GB variant which closely aligns with my expectations.

Nvidia T1000 Graphic Card
Nvidia T1000 Graphic Card. © PNY

Once again, this is not a gaming card rather a professional workstation based card which was intended to be used for 3D Modeling, CAD and Video editing only. Yes, you can play some games but definitely can't play any newer games in 4K resolutions.


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