Walmart Introduces Gaming Computers

The growing popularity of gaming industry and huge market demand for gaming focused computers finally grabbed the attention of retail giant Walmart. In attempt to recognize the market potential, Walmart partnered with Esports Arena and launched six different computer. Three of these computers are laptop and three of them are of desktop model.

Branded as "OVERPOWERED", these computer are specifically built to play modern and graphics intensive games. Walmart already listed all the computers and they are available for you to grab. Specifications varies Depending on the model, however all these computers are Powered by the Intel i5 (Op Laptop 15 only) or i7 processor along with Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.

Over Powered Computers by Esports Arena
Desktop & Laptop Computer branded as "OVERPOWERED" by Esports Arena.

The lowest tier of these laptops is equipped with 8GB of memory powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. As you climb up the ladder, you will find 16GB and 32GB model with 15+ and 17+ inch screen real estate with Intel Core i7 processor. With a minimum of 1TB HDD along with SSD drives with Windows 10, these laptops has enough space to play the latest games. At 144Hz of refresh rate, you will definitely enjoy the smooth gaming experience. Perhaps one of the great feature would definitely be the Mechanical RGB LED keyboard for gaming enthusiasts.

For the desktop models, the lowest tier (Op DTW1) computer is equipped with the latest generation of Intel Core i7-8700 processor, Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU with 16GB of system memory. The top most tier (Op DTW3) includes the same processor but with 32 GB system memory and Nvidia GTX 1080Ti GPU. All the desktop computers models are equipped with single traditional 2TB HDD along with an additional SSD. Only the lowest tier desktop has a 256GB SSD and the rest includes 512GB SSD.

These sheer power comes at a cost and it definitely can not be defined as "cheap". Well, gaming computers are expensive anyway. As far as the pricing is concern, laptop prices ranges from $999-$1699 and desktops are from $1399-$2099 (USD).


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