We Stand with Paris

There are things that I can barely express the way I want to. Perhaps that's just one reason why I started writing. Since my childhood, I felt that there are certain emotions and expression that can never be explained with it's entirety. No matter what you do or say, there is always something that remains as left over.

What happened in Paris recently is one such incident that not only broke my heart but left me speechless and numb. When I saw it in the news, I didn't dare to read the entire story. Frankly speaking I still didn't read it properly. All I got to know is, few bad people caused unimaginable death and destruction. Stories like these gets into my nerve, so much so that for few days I can't function properly. It takes over my mind and I can't think as I would have done in normal case.

Candle LightsCandle Lights.

Like millions all around the world, we the people of New York also mourn the loss of those who were brutally murdered in Paris. We stand together with the people of France and with those who were affected by this heinous act of terror. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims and with those who carry on bravely in their name. May their memories be blessed and may we only have cause to stand together in celebration in the future.


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